Supplementary Tuition Enrolment

To apply for a course of supplementary tuition, please provide details of your requirements and availability as well as the requested contact details below. Tuition is normally available from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm Monday to Friday inclusive and is currently charged at £72 per hour; there is a £40 registration fee on first enrolment.

Please do not make any payment now. We will contact you to agree a suitable programme of teaching and only when that is agreed will we request payment.

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Conditions of Acceptance

  1. Fees must be paid at or before the start of tuition. Students whose accounts are in arrears may be suspended from tuition until all fees have been paid.
  2. Fees are not refundable. The college operates a fees insurance scheme to protect against loss of tuition through illness or unforeseen circumstances. Please ask for details.
  3. If an arranged tutorial is cancelled by the student, the fee for that tutorial is not refundable unless at least 48 hours notice of the cancellation has been given.
  4. The college reserves the right to dismiss any student whose standard of work or behaviour is unsatisfactory.
  5. It is very helpful to the college to be able to use student photographs or names for marketing purposes. Any student or parent who wishes to withhold permission should contact the college in writing.