Mock Interviews

The interview is rarely used in university admissions these days, but for those courses and institutions which do call candidates for interview it is a crucial part of the application process.

For students applying for Medicine, Dentistry or Vetinerary Medicine the expectation is that all candidates will be likely to achieve the highest grades at A level. The interview serves to differentiate by seeking to establish which students are most likely to have the commitment and awareness necessary to continue through a long and demanding course and on to a career in their chosen profession.

Mock InterviewFor those students applying to Oxford and Cambridge the expectation is similarly of high grades, with all those likely to satisfy the academic requirements being called to the respective universities for an interview. This primarily aims to establish that the candidate has a genuine enthusiasm and commitment to their chosen course and a real interest in the subject. In addition the interview provides an opportunity to assess the candidate's ability to think through problems posed on related topics and to see their capacity to develop a clear and rational argument.

At Oxford Tutorial College we have many years experience of these applications and offer mock interviews with a broad range of our tutors who are fully familiar with the processes involved.

For those who feel they would benefit from an opportunity to test or hone their interview skills we offer a forty minute interview followed by twenty minutes of feedback, during which time we are naturally happy to answer any further questions or concerns a candidate may have. 

To arrange a mock interview, please complete the Supplementary Tuition Registration Form, explaining your requirements.