Students attending other schools and colleges are able to benefit from the expertise of Oxford Tutorial College’s tutors by enrolling for a series of individual tutorials at times that will fit in with their other commitments.  Help is offered at many different levels, from Common Entrance and GCSE preparation, through A-level and near-equivalents such as Pre-U, to University Admissions Tests and undergraduate modules.


Tuition is offered at all the above levels between the hours of 9.00 am and 6.00 pm, Monday to Friday, in all the subjects featured in the college prospectus and on the website.  Preparation for the full range of admissions tests is also offered: UKCAT, HAT, MAT, LNAT, ELAT, BMAT and TSA; because of the timing of these tests, tuition is offered during the summer and also in the early part of the autumn term.


Whatever the level, our experience, our flexibility and our commitment to an approach that is centred on your needs means that remarkable improvements can soon be made, difficulties resolved and confidence boosted significantly.