2016-17 Fees 

There is a registration fee of £350 and refundable academic deposit of £1000.

A-level Courses
A standard A-level course combines small groups, tutorials or possible individual tuition.

Two Year Programme (3 subjects) £47,400
Two Year Additional Subject £15,800
Five Term Programme (3 subjects) £42,500
Five term Programme (3 subjects) + APP £49,250
One Year Intensive Programme (3 subjects) £31,500
One Year Additional Subject £10,500
Own Language A-level £280
Extended Project Qualification £1,900

Practical Supplement

For practical subjects such as Art, Photography, Textiles, Biology, Physics and Chemistry an additional termly fee of £280 is charged. This fee includes the use of specialist facilities and all consumables and equipment.

Retake Courses

  September Start (Three term courses) January Start (Two term courses) April Start (One term courses)
One A-level Subject  £7,900 £4,695 £2,135
Two A-level Subjects £15,800 £9,395 £4,270
Three A-level Subjects £23,700 £14,090 £6,405

Business BTEC Courses

A Level 3 Diploma taught over one or two years.

One Year Business BTEC Level 3 Diploma £17,250
One Year University Pathway Diploma £20,500
Five Term University Pathway Extended Diploma £32,800
Five Term University Pathway Extended Diploma + APP £39,550

GCSE Courses

A standard GCSE course combines small groups, tutorials or possible individual tuition.

One Year Programme £19,980
Year 11 Programme £19,980
Additional Subject £2,854
Additional Double Science £4,280

Additional Support

  Michaelmas Term Hilary Term Trinity Term Annual Total
Learning Support £2,155 £1,725 £1,440 £5,320
English Language Support £2,155 £1,725 £1,440 £5,320
Academic Preparation Programme £6,750 £5,400 £4,500 £16,650

Additional individual tutorials are charged at £72 per hour

There is no additional charge of VAT on any of the above fees.

Any requirement for Learning Support is identified early and tuition is arranged as necessary, charged at the individual tutorial rate.

A small number of fees bursaries are available according to financial hardship and academic ability. Details are available on request.

Term dates are as stated on the Term Dates page. However, the flexibility of our courses means that it is usually possible to enrol at the college outside the main September and January start dates.

Tuition Fees
Biology LessonTeaching arrangements are tailored to individual requirements but are most commonly either six intensive study group hours each week or four seminar group hours plus a tutorial hour each week. In some circumstances, where student needs dictate, individual tuition for three hours a week is offered.

In addition to all tuition and supervised study, fees cover academic supervision, the administration and marking of progress tests and ‘mock' examinations, Higher Education advice, student materials (except course books), use of computers, including internet and email, use of the photocopier and participation in the social activities programme.

Examination Board Fees

These consist of two elements: an exam board fee for setting the exams, marking, issuing results and producing certificates, and a centre fee charged by the college for administration, supervision and invigilation of the examinations. For 2016-2017, the centre administration fee is £15 per subject. The total cost of entry for each A-level ranges from £30-£50 per AS subject and £80-£100 per A2 subject, depending on the subject and board. The total cost of entry for each additional GCSE subject is £65. 

In addition, there is a coursework unit fee of £40 for marking, and language oral units incur a fee of £50 per examination. 

Students requiring additional IELTS examinations will be charged £170 for each sitting.

Accommodation Costs

Where the college assists a student in arranging accommodation, an arrangement fee of £150 is charged and an accommodation management fee of £150 is payable termly. A damages deposit of £500 is charged, which is refundable once the student has left the accommodation, subject to any deductions.

Accommodation Type Board Age Price Per Week Price Per Year
Host Family - standard room Half Board 15+ £225 £8,775
Host Family - private bathroom Half Board 15+ £275 £10,725
Junior Residence - private bathroom Half Board 15-17 £365 £14,235
Adult Residence - shared bathroom Self-catering 18+ £300 £11,700
Adult Residence - private bathroom Self-catering 18+ £320 £12,480
Adult Residence - suite with bathroom Self-catering 18+ £340 £13,260


Living Expenses
Allowance should be made for living expenses and pocket money during a student's stay in Oxford. Where accommodation includes breakfast and evening meal, a weekly allowance of around £120 to cover lunches, bus fares and other miscellaneous costs such as toiletries, travel and entertainment is sufficient plus a termly amount of about £120 per subject for books and stationery. If a student is responsible for his or her own catering, an additional £80 per week will cover this adequately.

Trust Account
Where this is preferred, the college opens a trust account which handles a student's accommodation payments and living expenses. The agreed amounts for each term must be deposited in the student trust account at the beginning of term. The balance of any trust fund held at the end of the course will be refunded, provided that the tuition account has been paid in full and that there are no outstanding debts with the college.

Travel To Oxford

We require all under 18 year old students to be met at the airport and accompanied to their accommodation to ensure their safety. Our chauffeurs will meet the student at arrivals with identification and the student’s name clearly shown. We will provide an airport transfer unless a suitable alternative is confirmed with the College beforehand. This service is also available to all students aged 18 and over. The cost of a one way transfer from Heathrow is £190, and from Gatwick £230. Additional waiting charges are £18 per hour plus car-park charges after the first 30 minutes. If you require a named person to accompany your child from the airport there will be an additional charge of £125.

Fees Protection
The college has arranged fees protection to cover the full cost of tuition fees in the case of withdrawal from a course through illness. This is arranged by Marsh Limited, one of Britain's leading educational insurers. This is automatically added to accounts. It may be deleted if fees protection is not required. Further information regarding the Fees Protection scheme is available here.