Examination Boards

ExaminationAs an examination centre the college can select from amongst the various subject specifications offered by the uk exam boards. By carefully matching a student's strengths with the requirements of the different boards, the chances of success are enhanced. Whereas one examining board may focus on good, selective factual recall, another may place greater emphasis on clear interpretative ability. Essay-type answers may assume a greater or lesser importance and many subjects increasingly involve answers based on multiple choice, manipulation of data, comprehension of given material, comment on document and source material or structured response. In some subjects a coursework option may be available and this is often to a student's advantage as well produced coursework gives a positive start towards a good grade and takes some pressure off the final examination. The position varies from board to board and we carefully match student and board to provide the best opportunity of success.

These sites provide a wealth of useful information regarding subject specifications, examination dates, etc. 

Link to AQA
AQA Board Website
Link to CIE
Cambridge International Examinations Website 
Link to Edexcel
Edexcel website
Link to OCR
OCR website
Link to WJEC
WJEC website