One-year university access programme in Business

Business BTECThe BTEC 120-credit Level 3 Diploma is the vocational equivalent to two A-levels, taught over one year or two and providing the same university entry scores as A-level.  It provides a practical and theoretical introduction to business which will suit those interested in a career in business who want a more hands-on course than A-level.  The course consists of 12 units of work that are assessed in-College by the tutors: there are no external exams.  Students learn to research, give presentations, produce papers and projects, work in teams, develop their communication skills and learn about what is expected of people at work.  There is feedback at the end of each unit, allowing students to develop a clear sense of how they are progressing.

The structures of the qualification, allow a great deal of choice and flexibility. All students take four core units which give them an introduction to and understanding of the business environment, management of resources, marketing and communication: all fundamental to the success of business organisations. The core courses are:

  • The Business Environment
  • Business Resources
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Business Communication

The other eight units come from a list of more specialist areas, including Finance, Management, Marketing, Law, Administration, and Human Resources.  The precise route through the course for each student will depend on the nature and interest of the class and through discussion with individual students.