At Oxford Tutorial College, we welcome applications from overseas students and encourage the stimulus that cultural diversity brings to our sixth form college.  About 50% of our students arrive from overseas, and discover a student-centred, positive learning environment, small classes and excellent and caring teachers, often very different to the large teacher-centred classes they have encountered at home.International Study in Oxford

International students at Oxford Tutorial College can be secure in the knowledge that they will receive superb, individualised lessons, and that they will be well-prepared for the demands of A-level and university study.  Students develop close relationships with their tutors and are consequently able to develop the skills of independent thought and academic self-discipline that are so highly rewarded by A-level examiners and university entrance decision-makers.

A-level Studies

Students who have already achieved an IELTS score of 5.5 may enrol directly onto an A-level course of study.  Students at this level will be well-prepared to begin A-level study, but will need further work in English to prepare for university-level study.  We have an excellent IELTS provision at the college, and students at this level will study IELTS alongside their A-levels until they achieve an IELTS level 6.5, with a minimum of 6.0 in each area. Students desiring to attend top universities will be expected to achieve a minimum of 7.0.  

Academic Preparation Programme (APP)

The APP is aimed at international students, aged 16+ with an IELTS score of between 4.0 and 5.5 who wish to prepare for A-levels with the intention of attending a high-ranking university in the UK.  The APP course aims to prepare the student both academically and personally for living and studying in the UK.  Modules include:

Core language

IELTS exam preparation

Study Skills and Personal Development

Intensive writing

Reading group

Study UK (life in the UK)

Activity (sport and leisure in the UK)

A-level orientation