One Year GCSE

The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) is the qualification that most British students take at the age of 16 before moving on to study at A-level and university and marks the final stage of compulsory education in the UK.

Overseas students coming to the UK prior to the age of 16 will usually be advised to complete GCSE qualifications in a minimum of five and a maximum of six subjects, depending on their proficiency in English, before moving on to study at A-level and then at university.


Study GCSE in Oxford

Oxford Tutorial College has developed an intensive one-year GCSE programme that enables students not only to secure the qualifications they require to progress to more advanced studies in the UK or overseas but also to acquire the essential academic skills they need to make a success of their further studies.

The syllabus covers the core subjects of:

  • Mathematics
  • English as a Second Language
  • Double Science 
  • Either Business BTEC Level 2 (equivalent to 2 GCSEs) or 2 options from Art, Triple Science or Further Mathematics*
  • Additional English language support lessons can be added in academic English and IELTS preparation as needed.

*Other subjects may be available.

Within a stimulating weekly programme (PSHE), students also develop and extend their creative skills through our Extra Curricular Programme with trips, sport and cultural events. There is also a vibrant social programme making extensive use of the many facilities within the City and University of Oxford. 

Students are supported with English throughout the course to ensure they are supported to achieve the right level for progression to A-levels.

For students who require additional help, or want to push towards the highest grades, individual tuition can be provided in any subject (pending any visa restrictions). Every student is individually mentored and encouraged by their Personal Tutor who ensures that each individual is advancing well academically and personally, and provides their parents with regular updates on students' progress and development.

Sample Timetable

  9am 10am 11am 12pm 1pm 2pm 3pm 4pm 5pm
Monday English Maths IELTS IELTS Lunch Business Studies Supervised Study Supervised Study  
Tuesday English Maths IELTS IELTS Lunch Business Studies Study UK Science Sport
Wednesday English Maths IELTS Activity Including Lunch Supervised Study Supervised Study  
Thursday English Maths Study Skills & Personal Development IELTS Lunch Business Studies Study UK Science  Arts
Friday English Maths IELTS IELTS Lunch Business Studies Study Skills & Personal Development