A-level Study Preparation


Study A-levels in EnglandMany students arriving to study A-levels in the UK are unaware of the wide variety of A-level subjects available to them.  Though a student’s A-level choice should normally be related to the subject they want to study at university, many students wrongly assume that they are limited to particular A-level subjects in order to join a particular course at university.  For example, students wishing to study Business at university often assume that they must study Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Economics at A-level in order to be successful – this could not be further from the truth!  In fact, A-level subjects ill-suited to a student could result in them receiving poor A-level grades and missing out on the opportunity to attend a top university and their desired course of study.


Students who successfully complete the Academic Preparation Programme are well prepared to study any subject to which they are suited, and students are guided and encouraged to discover which subjects lead to their desired degree and career path which they have an aptitude for and enjoy.  The A-level Subject Orientation module has been designed to give students two-week taster sessions of a variety of subjects, so they can discover which A-level subjects they are well-suited to and enjoy.  These taster sessions greatly reduce the likelihood of a student needing to retake a year of secondary school or missing out on a university offer due to poorly chosen A-level subjects.  A-level subjects covered in this module include subjects such as Accounting, Ancient History, Art & Design, Art History, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Computing, Economics, Film Studies, Languages, Mathematics, Geography, History, Law, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology and Sociology.


The APP team works carefully with students to help them choose A-level subjects appropriate to their future university and career goals.  Oxford Tutorial College has been successfully helping students to gain degree places for over 20 years, and many students have been accepted at the UK’s top universities, including:


Cambridge University

Oxford University

University College London

Bath University

Birmingham University

Durham University

Edinburgh University

St Andrews University


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