A-Level Subjects Available

Two separate streams are offered, with one stream in the morning and the other in the afternoon over 6 days. Students cover one AS/A2 level subject per stream. The 'core' topics for each subject specification are covered and there is scope to cover optional topics, as requested.

Residential and non-residential places are available for the course. Other subjects may also be available upon request, usually on a one-to-one basis. Students are asked to complete a pre-course questionnaire on enrolment. This is important as it is used to identify the precise subject specification and all the relevant topics.

In some subjects, notably English and History, there are a variety of set texts or topics available and students prepare a limited number of these topics. In such cases careful completion of the pre-course questionnaire is essential to ensure that the relevant texts or topics are covered and that time is not wasted on unnecessary or irrelevant material. A similar position applies to several other subjects, where there is often a variety of content within the various specifications available. It follows that teaching groups in these subjects are small, with a number of different groups being formed, according to students' requirements. We therefore need precise details of each of the modular units being taken, including all relevant options, to ensure that specific requirements are met.

Below is a list of subjects available:

Ancient History Government and Politics
Biology History
Business Studies History of Art
Chemistry Italian
Chinese Japanese
Classical Civilisation Latin
Communication and Culture Law
Economics Mathematics
English Language Media Studies
English Literature P.E./Sports Science
Film Studies Philosophy
French Physics
Further Mathematics Psychology
Geography Religious Studies
German Sociology