What kind of English support do we provide?

English Support is offered at Oxford Tutorial College in a variety of courses to meet our students’ needs. Our tuition in small groups or one to one allow teachers to work with every student to meet their specific needs. Our general provision includes:

IELTS courses – students work in all the different skills and exam techniques to achieve the IELTS requirements of their chosen University

EAP – English for Academic Purposes offers English support to students who are studying their A levels

ESP – English for Specific Purposes offers Engish support to students who are studying their BTEC qualification

APP – Academic Preparation Programme is a comprehensive programme of English (25 hours a week) aimed to improve students’ English in order to allow them to make progress to a qualification in England (GCSE, A level, BTEC)

How does our provision of English Support help you to achieve at Oxford Tutorial College?


We offer preparatory classes for IELTS that cover all different levels in small group classes. These classes range from pre-intermediate to advanced level, helping us cater to students in different programmes. The focus is largely on exam technique, vocabulary building and on improving accuracy. The advanced class is offered to students who need to attain an overall of 7.0 or higher for university entrance. Students are challenged and encouraged to continue to improve throughout the course. The other classes all have a target of 6.5  overall with a minimum of 6.0, but students work at different paces in each.

Once students make progress, they are moved up a level until they attain the IELTS score they need. This attainment depends heavily on the student’s willingness to work independently outside of class on the reading and writing booklets that the EAL department offers the students. This supplementary material is used to encourage students to practice the necessary skills and to develop their range of vocabulary, which is an important requirement for making progress in their English. Furthermore, we also encourage students to engage in reflective learning after each IELTS session, which helps support their understanding of key terms and ideas.  These concepts are commonly used in the IELTS test.

Oxford Tutorial College students generally perform above the UK average for IELTS. We offer support (language clinic once a week) to students who struggle with learning a language, and teachers are supported by excellent materials and technology within the classrooms. These students are monitored closely to ensure that they are getting the best support available to them.



At Oxford Tutorial College, we offer A level students support for their subjects. This support comprises vocabulary development, studying support and writing development. Students work alongside the EAL teacher and their peers to complete assignments for their A-level subjects. Classes are grouped according to discipline (e.g. social sciences, humanities, science and mathematics), and EAL teachers liaise with subject tutors to ensure that these international students are getting the support they need to progress in their chosen subjects.




At our school, we also offer BTEC support for international students. Similar to EAP, students work with the EAL teacher and peers to complete assignments, which encompasses developing vocabulary and research skills in order to obtain an in-depth understanding about a company or concept. EAL tutors liaise with BTEC teachers in order to support these students further in their quest to obtain a high grade in each assignment.



The Oxford Tutorial College Academic Preparation Programme (APP) has been designed to give international students the support they  need to ensure they make progress in their course of study (e.g. GCSEs, A levels and BTEC).


How is it assessed?

All students are initially assessed based on their placement test scores and on their IELTS scores. Then, progress is monitored throughout the year, and students who do not make sufficient progress are placed on a specialised programme to help them progress at a faster rate.

IELTS lessons will be assessed through the official IELTS examinations.

EAP and ESP involve subject tutors liaising with EAL tutors in order to assess if students have achieved an optimum level of English to continue on their own their A level or BTEC studies.

What do I need?


There are different entry requirements for the different programmes offered at Oxford Tutorial College. For IELTS, student targets vary depending on which university programme they intend on entering. These include:

  • an overall of 6.0 with a minimum of 5.5 for standard entry
  • an overall of 6.5 with a minimum of 6.0 for official entry
  • an overall of 7.0 with a minimum of 6.5 for good entry
  • an overall of 7.5 with a minimum of 7.0 for excellent entry


A Level

For entry to A level, students require a minimum of 6.0 in all skills.



While for BTEC entry, an overall of 6.0 with a minimum of 5.5 is the requirement.



4.5 overall with a minimum 4.5 in each skill.

After Oxford Tutorial College

At Oxford Tutorial College we pride ourselves in the programme structures offered because these are carefully developed to ensure that students obtain the skills they need for their subjects as well as for life. Life skills involve developing students’ skills required in social settings and for working in groups and in organisations. Although different students have different needs, these are catered for in English Support.


Will I be able to get the IELTS score I need in 3 months?


This will depend on your initial score and other factors such as attendance, independent study, reflective study, homework completion and contribution to in-class activities.


Must I continue to attend IELTS classes if I get the score I need for university?


No. Once you have attained the IELTS score for your chosen university programme, you will be excused from attending IELTS classes after confirmation has been obtained from your parents or guardian.


 Can I be excused from EAP or ESP classes if I get the IELTS score I need from university?


No. Your subject tutor will need to confirm whether you need to continue with English Support, EAP or ESP. Also, if permission is granted, your parents or guardian will need to confirm that they are happy with this.