What is Latin?

The Latin syllabus encourages students to build their language skills alongside the ability to translate texts to allow literary analysis. Students also are encouraged to explore the wider aspects of Roman life and culture.

What will I study?

As well as building their language skills, students will learn how to translate a short passage of a set text from Latin into English and answer comprehension questions. They will also be required to answer analysis questions and to write an extended response, which draws upon material from the set text. For Literature and Culture students will learn how to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the materials in the ‘Prescribed Sources Booklet’ and their own study as well using the unseen sources provided in the insert booklet for the assessment. Students will develop the ability to analyse the sources provided in the assessment, provide a personal response to the material studied and answer extended response questions.

What will I gain from studying the subject?

You will gain a very good idea of how a language can be learned and you will gain a deep and valuable insight into an Ancient society, its literature, culture and beliefs.

How is it assessed?

Unit Modules Weighting Format
1 Language 50% External Exam: 1 hour and 30 mins
2 Prose and Verse Literature, Literature and Culture 50% External Exam: 1 hour


Exam Board: OCR

What do I need?

You need an interest in Latin and some basic language skills. You will be taught how to develop these skills but having studied Latin before, although not essential, is helpful.


Is Latin harder than other subjects?

No. However building the skills of any language requires time and practice.