What is Double Science/ Combined Science?

Double Science gives you the equivalent of two GCSEs. You will study Physics, Biology and Chemistry. You will become increasingly confident in dealing with scientific problems and you will develop as a scientist yourself, knowing how to use scientific methods to investigate and test theories.

What will I study?

You will study each of the three Sciences: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

What will I gain from studying Double Science/ Combined Science?

The benefits to studying Science at GCSE are immense. Science is both exciting and hugely relevant. It is extremely well-regarded by universities.

You will grow in your understanding of how the world works, and gain many excellent transferrable skills.  Science GCSE provides foundational knowledge  that is essential for a diverse range of careers from medicine and engineering to physiotherapy and nursing.

You will also develop an awareness of many of the big issues facing the world from bioethics to global warming to renewable energy and space exploration.

How is it assessed?

There are 6 exams, 2 for each Science. Each exam is worth 16.7%

Questions include short answer, multiple choice and open response.

Each exam is 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Biology Paper 1

Biology topics 1–4: Cell Biology; Organisation; Infection and response; and Bioenergetics.

Biology Paper 2

Biology topics 5–7: Homeostasis and response; Inheritance, variation and evolution; and Ecology.

Chemistry Paper 1

Chemistry topics 8–12: Atomic structure and the periodic table; Bonding, structure, and the properties of matter; Quantitative chemistry; Chemical changes; and Energy changes.

Chemistry Paper 2

Chemistry topics 13–17: The rate and extent of chemical change; Organic chemistry; Chemical analysis; Chemistry of the atmosphere; and Using resources.

Physics Paper 1

Physics topics 18–21: Energy; Electricity; Particle model of matter; and Atomic structure.

Physics Paper 2

Physics topics 22–24: Forces; Waves; and Magnetism and electromagnetism.


Exam Board: AQA GCSE (9-1) Combined Science (Trilogy)

What do I need?

You should have studied Science and Maths before. You should be curious about how the world works and ready to make connections between what you can observe about the world and scientific principles. You need to be willing to work hard and be challenged. You need to be willing to take part in regular practical sessions.


When is this exam available?

This exam is available in May/June every year.