What is Business Studies?

Business Studies looks at the interdependent nature of business activity, the influences on business, business operations, finance, marketing and human resources, and how these interdependencies underpin business decision making. The course examines how different business contexts affect business decisions and the use and limitation of quantitative and qualitative data in making business decisions.

What will I study?

Students will learn to use business terminology to identify and explain business activity and how to apply business concepts to familiar and unfamiliar contexts. They will develop problem solving and decision-making skills relevant to business and will investigate, analyse and evaluate business opportunities and issues. By the end of the course students will be able to make justified decisions using both qualitative and quantitative data including its selection, interpretation, analysis and evaluation, and the application of appropriate quantitative skills.

The course will cover the purpose and nature of business; business ownership, stakeholders, setting aims and objectives, business planning, location and expansion. The course also looks at influences on business including technology and environmental issues and looks at production processes, customer services and quality control. Human resources, finance and marketing are also explored.

What will I gain from studying the subject?

Students gain an insight into the theoretical and practical aspects of running a business and the many areas needed to ensure success. Students build a knowledge of the challenges facing businesses and how these can be met along with an understanding of the process of development and change. Students will learn the theories and will use case studies to apply them to real world business decisions

How is it assessed?

Unit Modules Weighting Format
1 Paper 1: Influences of operations and HRM on business activity 50% External Exam: 1 hour 45mis
2 Paper 2: Influences of marketing and finance on business activity 50% External Exam: 1 hour 45 mins


Exam Board: AQA

What do I need?

Students need an ability to apply theoretical ideas to practical situations. They need an interest in all aspects of business and to be able to write precise answers both to short and longer questions.


Is Business Studies harder than other subjects?

No. However there is a lot to learn and you will need to be able to write clearly and apply theory to real life situations.