What is Academic Preparation Programme (APP)?

The Oxford Tutorial College Academic Preparation Programme (APP) has been designed to give international students the support they need to ensure they make progress in their course of study (e.g. GCSEs, A levels and BTEC).  As such, we have devised a detailed, rewarding and interesting syllabus of work to prepare students for their chosen course of study.

The Programme is specifically designed for international teenagers studying at Oxford Tutorial College and, thus, it encompasses a good mixture of general English, Study Skills and specialised classes meant to develop these students’ knowledge of subject-related concepts (i.e. in Business, BTEC, Geography, and so on). Moreover, this Programme also helps these students learn how to study and live successfully in the UK. We encourage independent study in the library, and to interact with each other, which could take place in the student common room.

How does APP help you to achieve at Oxford Tutorial College?

APP provides international students with low level of English (between A0 and B1) to improve their English grammar and to develop their vocabulary and skills (for listening, reading, writing and speaking). This programme also helps students to build a strong work ethic in preparation for an A-level or BTEC course of study. By doing homework, projects and studying in groups, they are building the stepping stones that are essential for higher level study. Lastly, this programmes helps build confidence, British values and an overall comprehension of life in the UK.


The classes that are offered in the APP range from academic writing and reading to Study Skills. Each class was devised to support academic progress, particularly for students who want to progress to A levels or BTEC. In Study Skills, students develop their academic skills, which include: note-taking, note-making, studying techniques, and much more. Essentially, these students are exposed to a number of classes and weekly excursions to museums, gardens and other sites that help support their learning process.

How is it assessed?

APP is based on continuous assessment adapted to the individuality of each student. However, students are constantly assessed on a weekly basis.  These assessments consist of quizzes, group work, tests, mocks, presentations and projects. Finally, IELTS tests will confirm that the student have made progress to GCSE, BTEC or A levels.

What do I need?

We accept a wide variety of students on our Academic Preparation Programme.  Our students are enthusiastic about studying in the UK and want to study on an enjoyable, varied and intensive English course to help them get ready for their future studies. We invite similar-minded students to apply for a place on the Academic Preparation Programme. The English requirements are an overall 4.5 IELTS, with 4.5 in every skill.

After APP?

APP will give you the opportunity to improve your English skills, develop study skills and make progress to BTEC or A LEVEL in order to gain access to University. APP will engage you in the study of English that will always be an important skill that will benefit you beyond University.


How long can I spend in APP?

It depends on your needs. You could spend anything from one term (or even less) to 2 years. It depends on your ability to improve your English and your starting point.


When can I make progress to other programmes?

Once you achieve an overall of 5.5 with a minimum of 6.0 in reading and writing, you can progress to A levels or BTEC. However, for A level with higher content of English, the IELTS requirements could be higher.