What is Accounting?

Accounting is the basis of all business practices and is an excellent introduction to the financial aspects of business. It covers key areas of finance and bookkeeping, including ledgers, the principles of accounting, and how these impact upon business decisions. In the final examinations, students are assessed through multiple-choice questions, extended answers and structured questions.

How is it studied?

Accounting is taught in small groups: students learn both the theories behind accounting and their practical application in a business. Students are encouraged to prepare account statements as if in a business context, and build a range of quantitative skills including the use of fractions, percentages, calculating costs and presenting mathematical information in a variety of forms.

How is A Level Accounting assessed?

Unit Modules Weighting Format
1 Financial Accounting 50% External Exam: 3 hours
2 Accounting for analysis and decision-making 50% External Exam: 3 hours


Exam Board:  AQA

What do I need?

Students need to have an interest in the subject and recognise its role within a business context. As the course relies heavily on accurate use of financial data, developed quantitative skills are essential and, hence, students need strong mathematical abilities. A high grade in GCSE or IGCSE Mathematics is good, but many students also study Maths at A Level to build their skills.

What should I study with Accounting?

Mathematics is an essential component of Accounting and so it should be part of any A Level package with this subject. Students can then add any other subject, as Accounting mixes well with all subject areas.

What can I do with A Level Accounting?

Many students go on to study Business courses at university, or Accounts and Actuarial Sciences. For the latter two subjects, a high-level of mathematical ability is essential.

Questions about the course

Do I need Maths to study Accounting?

It is extremely helpful at A Level and required at university level. So, yes!

Is it possible to combine Accounting with Business and Economics?

Yes, but some Russell Group universities ask for a broader variety of subjects.