The GCSE stage has always been accepted as an important point in any student’s education, marking, as it does, the first public examination of a nationally recognised qualification. In recent years though, it has carried increasing weight. The requirement of at least five grades of C or better has become the standard measure of success for schools and pupils. Progression to further study at Advanced Level now often depends on attaining specified grades in particular subjects. In offering places many universities will take GCSE performance into account, especially for competitive courses where places are limited. Grade C in Maths and English is a minimum expectation for most higher education courses and is now an entry requirement for many professions.

It is therefore essential that students take advantage of every available means to raise their grades, whether to meet those basic requirements or to push on to the higher levels.


All GCSE Easter Revision Course lessons are taught in small groups.

Maths is taught in half-day sessions over four days totalling 12 hours of teaching.

English is also taught in half-day sessions over four days totalling 12 hours of teaching.

Double Science is taught in full-day sessions over four days totalling 24 hours teaching.

It is possible for students to choose to take both English and Maths the same week creating a full day timetable.

It is also possible for a student to take English and Maths one week and Double Science during a second week allowing them to revise all three separate subjects.

A ‘mock’ examination, based on the material covered during the week, is taken at the end of the course and the marked mock is sent on to students with their report.

A report with comments on progress and performance during the week and advice on how to use the final weeks of exam preparation are sent to each student after the conclusion of the course.

Experience has shown that Easter Revision Courses are of great value to GCSE candidates, enabling them to attain higher grades in their June examinations.


Accommodation for GCSE students is provided in Oxford Tutorial College residences within walking distance of the college. The accommodation features single study bedrooms, within a shared house, each having a private bathroom.