The course for each subject will cover the core material found in the specifications of the main examining boards. Teaching, by experienced GCSE tutors, will take place at the college’s premises in the centre of Oxford. Students will have use of the library and computer room when not being taught.

Experience has shown that Easter Revision Courses are of great value to GCSE candidates, enabling them to attain higher grades in their June examinations.



  • All GCSE Easter Revision Course lessons are taught in small groups.
  • Maths is taught in half-day sessions over five days totalling 12 hours of teaching.
  • English is also taught in half-day sessions over five days totalling 12 hours of teaching.
  • Double Science is taught in full-day sessions over five days totalling 24 hours teaching.
  • It is possible for students to choose to take both English and Maths the same week creating a full day timetable.
  • It is also possible for a student to take English and Maths one week and Double Science during a second week allowing them to revise all three separate subjects.
  • A ‘mock’ examination, based on the material covered during the week, is taken at the end of the course and the marked mock is sent on to students with their report.
  • A report with comments on progress and performance during the week and advice on how to use the final weeks of exam preparation are sent to each student after the conclusion of the course.



Below is a list of our available subjects and exam boards. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Subject Level Board Spec Code What we’ll need to know Available week 1, 4th-7th April Available week 2, 9th-19th April
GCSE AQA Current 8700 Yes Yes
GCSE Edexcel Current 1EN0 Yes Yes
IGCSE Edexcel Current 4EA1 Yes Yes
GCSE OCR Current J351 Yes Yes
GCSE Edexcel Current 1MA1 Yes Yes
GCSE OCR Current J560 Enquire Enquire
GCSE AQA Current 8300 Yes Enquire
GCSE OCR Current J250 Enquire Enquire
GCSE AQA Current 8465 Yes Yes
IGCSE Edexcel Current 1SC0 Enquire Enquire



  • Located in the College’s boarding house, the accommodation is a short walk from the city centre.
  • Each student has a single study bedroom within the college, with en suite bathroom facilities.
  • Bedrooms are centrally heated and have their own desks.
  • Meals are taken in the dining hall: breakfast and dinner are provided. Where requested, arrangements are made for special dietary needs.
  • 24-hour staff cover ensures that students are comfortable in their accommodation and that domestic difficulties are speedily resolved.
  • Students are encouraged to use their time sensibly; homework and preparation are set each evening every effort is taken to create a positive environment conducive to study.