The pace of a five-term course suits students who are able to focus and are committed. The pace is more intensive than a two-year course.

It would also suit students who have started a qualification in the subject at a similar level, but wants to move to a college which has small groups and a supportive environment.


The five-term course usually runs from January taking examinations in June of the following academic year. Students may choose from the whole range of 41 subjects offered at Oxford Tutorial College. Any combination of subjects is possible, but students will be advised which mix would facilitate entry to their proposed university courses or alternative progression routes.

Teaching comprises a combination of small groups, tutorials or possible individual tuition, enabling thorough and effective dissemination of subject topics with student feedback and discussion, whilst ensuring that individual understanding is complete, preparation work is satisfactory and writing skills are being mastered. Individual tuition allows for re-explanation of topics that are not clearly understood and for careful appraisal of each student’s response and written work. The teaching structure is dependent upon the specific needs of each student, the subject being studied.


A-level material is taught in a clear and direct way, checking understanding by careful review and continual practice from previous examination questions in order to develop answering skills. Tutors ensure that students develop a good set of revision notes and materials and encourage systematic and well-focused revision. Time is allowed for an overall subject review as the examinations approach, to check recall and understanding and enable further practice with essential examination techniques.

The steady acquisition of sound study techniques, including reading skills, note-taking and essay writing can be carefully encouraged and monitored on a five-term course. The time frame also allows the student the opportunity to explore a subject in depth and develop a firm understanding of the material.

Subject material is taught at a carefully-measured pace and in some detail; basic understanding is reinforced and given greater depth, with the student gaining confidence through extensive practice in examination-style answers. A final review of subject material allows students to focus on the entire syllabus and helps them to organise their revision during the final weeks before the examination.

5 Term A-level courses can lead to AS examinations at the end of the first year, followed by A2 examinations at the end of the second year. However, students may opt out of AS examinations unless stated otherwise. The focus is on developing learning, revision and answering skills as well as powers of interpretation and analysis, a process which takes time.

Oxford Tutorial College also provides advice, guidance and support for their university choices and applications alongside their tuition from our specialist progressions officer. It is also possible to prepare for university entrance test for UK and non-UK universities (for example UKCAT, BMAT, and SAT). Interview preparation and feedback helps to build confidence for the real interviews.


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