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Living Expenses

Allowance should be made for living expenses and pocket money during a student’s stay in Oxford. Where accommodation includes breakfast and evening meal, a weekly allowance of around £120 to cover lunches, bus fares and other miscellaneous costs such as toiletries, travel and entertainment is sufficient plus a termly amount of about £120 per subject for books and stationery. If a student is responsible for his or her own catering, an additional £80 per week will cover this adequately.

Travel To Oxford

We require all under 18 year old students to be met at the airport and accompanied to their accommodation to ensure their safety. Our chauffeurs will meet the student at arrivals with identification and the student’s name clearly shown. We will provide an airport transfer unless a suitable alternative is confirmed with the College beforehand. This service is also available to all students aged 18 and over. The cost of a one way transfer from Heathrow is £190, and from Gatwick £230. Additional waiting charges are £18 per hour plus car-park charges after the first 30 minutes. If you require a named person to accompany your child from the airport there will be an additional charge of £125.

Accommodation Costs

Where the college assists a student in arranging accommodation, an arrangement fee of £150 is charged and an accommodation management fee of £150 is payable termly. A damages deposit of £500 is charged, which is refundable once the student has left the accommodation, subject to any deductions.

Accommodation Type Board Age Price Per Michaelmas Term Price Per Hilary Term Price Per Trinity Term Price Per Year
Host Family – standard room Half Board 15+ £3,680 £2,760 £2,530 £8,970
Host Family – private bathroom Half Board 15+ £4,400 £3,300 £3,025 £10,725
Junior Residence – private bathroom Half Board 15-17 £5,952 £4,464 £4,092 £14,508
Adult Residence – shared bathroom Self-catering 18+ £4,928 £3,696 £3,388 £12,012
Adult Residence – private bathroom Self-catering 18+ £5,248 £3,936 £3,608 £12,976
Adult Residence – suite with bathroom Self-catering 18+ £5,600 £ 4,200 £3,850 £13,650


Please note that in Host Family Accommodation over the Christmas and Easter holiday period, a £60 retention fee per week will be charged in order to maintain the room whilst students are away.

Trust Account

Where this is preferred, the college opens a trust account which handles a student’s accommodation payments and living expenses. The agreed amounts for each term must be deposited in the student trust account at the beginning of term. The balance of any trust fund held at the end of the course will be refunded, provided that the tuition account has been paid in full and that there are no outstanding debts with the college.

Term dates are as stated on the Term Dates page. However, the flexibility of our courses means that it is usually possible to enrol at the college outside the main September and January start dates.