Student Welfare

"Your college and its respect and support for individual students has gone a long way. I now have back the cheerful, enthusiastic, hard working daughter that I thought I had in the first place. I would have no hesitation in recommending Oxford Tutorial College."  
 Fiona Guest

In order to succeed academically, it is essential for students to be confident and content in their learning environments. The tutorial method of teaching aims to induce self-belief and confidence in each student and tutors also endeavour to make the work approachable and enjoyable.  Academic supervision enables students to discuss concerns about their work and is positive and supportive, whilst at the same time being practical and balanced.

Student Welfare at Oxford Tutorial CollegeIn cases where a difficulty has arisen with a domestic or personal situation, it is vital that students are able to seek help.  Tutors and other college staff are always happy to offer advice and support.  Where the advice sought is of a more sensitive and personal nature, a student may prefer to speak to the Student Officer, who will be pleased to offer whatever help she can.  An appointment may be arranged at any time, and in a situation demanding more immediate support and advice, is given priority.  In certain circumstances, with the consent of student and parents, we may enlist the help of an independent counsellor, such meetings being entirely confidential.

The college requires students to register with a local doctor on arrival in Oxford. Similar arrangements should be made to register with a dentist and an optician if necessary.

Students under the age of 16 must have a guardian.  A guardian may be a relative or a family friend; some students choose to use professional guardianship companies, and we are happy to advise you on this. To enable us to provide the best possible care for our international students we strongly recommend that all students have a guardian, so that there is someone in the UK who can act on your parent’s behalf in the event of an emergency.