Student Supervision

Academic Supervision

"We are extremely grateful for all your kindness and support over the last year. It's a huge comfort to know that you are still there for Emily"  
 Richard Ehrman

The teaching approach at the college is informal, group sizes are small and students have the option to receive an element of individual tuition as part of their course. This informality and personal attention allows tutors to establish a close working relationship with each of their students and therefore to deal effectively with any study problems experienced. However, the working environment of the college demands self-discipline and organised personal study on the part of the student, so it is essential that careful academic support and counselling is maintained. In addition to the supervision that the tutorial method allows, the college provides additional academic support.

Personal Tutors

"Having a personal tutor has also been a great advantage, whether in need of university, career or exam advice, my tutor was able to guide me in all my moments of indecisiveness!" 
 Shireen Dhaliwal

Students are assigned to a Personal Tutor who is responsible for ensuring that they are coping with the demands of their academic work. Regular meetings are held to review progress and discuss study issues, largely based on the internal progress reports generated by subject tutors. Help is given in organising study time, prioritising work, setting realistic work targets and refining the various study techniques essential for examination success. Students invariably develop a helpful and constructive working relationship with their Personal Tutor. If a student is falling behind with work, this is discussed and a strategy adopted to remedy matters. Where it is thought desirable, parents may be consulted to support any remedial action required.

Library SupervisionReports and feedback

Progress reports are produced at least once each term and may be requested more regularly.  These give an assessment of progress, aptitude for the subject, attitude and attendance. They aim to be thorough and constructive, offering encouragement whilst highlighting areas of difficulty and weakness. We are happy to send more frequent reports when requested and are always available to discuss reports with parents, either in person or on the telephone. A good dialogue between parents and the college is often an important factor in helping students towards a successful outcome.